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Custom Christmas photo ornaments are tree-perfect

This year, make custom Christmas photo ornaments that transform once-in-a-lifetime moments into unique photo gifts you can hold onto forever. Turn milestones like baby’s 1st Christmas and the annual family reunion into thoughtful personalized photo gifts that show friends and relatives how much you care. Add fun to your custom creations with adorable photos of the family pet, or upload scans of the kids’ artwork and memorabilia to make the perfect keepsake ornaments that can be treasured on the Christmas tree for years to come.


Our custom ornaments and festive keepsakes come in a range of shapes and sizes; you can choose from traditional snowflake designs and porcelain ornaments to more modern metal medallions, glass or silver plate and even wooden and textile Christmas stockings. All customizable with photos and text to make Holiday a milestone event every year.

Holiday inspiration

For more creative photo tips and tricks check-out the Snapfish blog for year-round ideas for gift creativity! Whether you’re making photo scrapbooks of your kid’s artwork, collage prints of friends, (or their pets), creating a family photo book or a calendar for the New Year, there’s always something new to DIY with Snapfish. Don’t forget to check our latest deals!


Get inspired

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